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the end of time CD 1
musique du film

original music composed by Gabriel Scotti and Vincent Hänni /2012



the tracks are presented here in the way they were
presented to peter mettler before his final mix
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"The End of Time explores an impressive array of ideas related to humankind's relationship with time. Better yet, it does so while providing an uncommonly intense degree of audiovisual stimulation - leave it to Mettler to make lava flows seem impossibly sexy." Jason Anderson - The Grid

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there are several other tracks from other artists that are not on the cd:

"Ask Yourself” Performed by Plastikman,
"Mind In Rewind” Performed by Plastikman
"Psyk” Performed by Plastikman
"Overand" Performed by Autechre
"Layering Buddha" Performed by Robert Henke
"Nuuk" Performed and composed by Thomas Köner
“No Luna i Ka Hale Kai” Performed by Halau i Ka Pono
“Turkey In the Straw” Performed by Nichols Electronics Inc.
"Amniotik Time" Performed by Costanza

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track listing:
01 guitare Gaz 11:37
02 loopOsc20 02:30
03 met1 08:17
04 gab organ impr1 12:22
05 sauterelle-inde 04:06
06 met2 03:02
07 cerna w boom 05:00
08 convolve 01 02:44
09 mix sapliiig edited 04:30
10 nuptiorOp 01:05
11 newlowgroovyConRot 03:01
12 the cat! 01:20
13 telescope 06:14
14 zeito con zeito 02:00
15 peter bells 08:40
16 luke's end 04:58