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music for The Crime of the 21st Century, a play by Edward Bond

gabriel scotti



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composed and recorded in 2001 for director Alain Françon at the théâtre national de la Colline, Paris.

Desert and desolation until the ultimate experience on track 7 : rebirth, transformation, beyond ... 
The songs are presented here without text, the way they were exposed during the play

price: 10 euros

Extract from a letter from Edward Bond to Gabriel Scotti:
"Thank you for the CD of your music for "le crime du XXIème siècle". I liked it very much. It isn't so much an illustration of the play as your own profond reflection and meditation on it. I wrote the play - but your music helped me understand better what I had written. It's a strong experience to see one's own imagination transposed so deeply into another medium and another imagination.
I am really very grateful. The music stays in my head.(...)"

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7 tracks/≈ 67 min / mp3 high quality / .zip file

track listing:
1) C21-windbase (07:54)
2) C21-medicaltrack (04:16)
3) C21-bird (03:39)
4) C21-auto organ (30:29)
5) C21-low mid2 (14:02)
6) C21-transformation (01:24)
7) C21-nappe odyssée (05:48)