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original soundtrack from siegrid alnoy's film

gabriel scotti



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original soundtrack from siegrid alnoy's film "she's one of us"

composed : 2001-2002

director siegrid alnoy gives her analysis of the music of gabriel scotti, composer for the film "elle est des notres" (she's one of us):

"the music re-establishes the connection that the somewhat unclear tale sometimes breaks. the music works like a background voice, a sort of description buried into the folds of the storyline, a clue leading to the deeper meaning of the work. a soundtrack like a"negative"of the piece of work. The original recording is an autonmous structure, and turns the listener into a"pre-viewer". the music seems to me to nourish relationships, which are at the same time obvious and mysterious, with the essential secret of what"is". its presence is specifically to reveal the indescriptible. it is the illustration of the unexplainable and the soundscape in general."

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9 tracks / ~ 69 min. / mp3 high quality / .zip file

track listing:
1. s-nice low (05:28)
2. filma 6 (13:47)
3. filma 4 (18:09)
4. kompressator (07:03)
5. the low barbarian (02:09)
6. filma 6 nappe (06.06)
7. LW 2 (04:44)
8. Ph-s all (08:51)
9. aimasounds (02:07)