Peter Mettler , film director, about the music of Gabriel Scotti

"I have had the chance to listen to your music (...) It is very much in the realm of music that I like for film. I liked the short tracks most as they conjured a kind of situation to be within. At times they are like active ambiences, drawing the minds attention to the epic possibility of details. At others they are like the audible tension within air. It is always hard to describe music... Thank you! "

Director Siegrid Alnoy gives his analysis of the music of Gabriel Scotti, composer for the film "Elle est des Nôtres" (english translation)

"The music re-establishes the connection that the somewhat unclear tale sometimes breaks. The music works like a background voice, a sort of description buried into the folds of the storyline, a clue leading to the deeper meaning of the work. A soundtrack like a "negative" of the piece of work. The original recording is an autonmous structure, and turns the listener into a "pre-viewer". The music seems to me to nourish relationships, which are at the same time obvious and mysterious, with the essential secret of what "is". Its presence is specifically to reveal the indescriptible. It is the illustration of the unexplainable. And the soundscape in general."

Extract from a letter from Edward Bond to Gabriel Scotti:

"Thank you for the CD of your music for "le crime du XXIème siècle". I liked it very much. It isn't so much an illustration of the play as your own profond reflection and meditation on it. I wrote the play - but your music helped me understand better what I had written. It's a strong experience to see one's own imagination transposed so deeply into another medium and another imagination.
I'am really very grateful. The music stays in my head.(...)"

Extract of an article wrote by Michael Joshua Rowin about the movie "She's one of us"

"The sound mix is actually the most radical element of the film, abruptly and dramatically switching from rumbling ambient noise to silence and then back again, all within a few exhilarating seconds. Sound designer Gabriel Scotti deserves mention for creating a unique soundscape in which running water, rustling trees, and panting breaths are amplified to the point of discomfort."